What's included?

HD Voice Quality

We use the same highest voice codec (G711ulaw) of PSTN network to get as good voice quality as regular residential one.

Fixed Minutes for below mentioned countries

Fixed amount of minutes: no need to wait when your family or a friend will come online to call him/her. You can talk to them from everywhere without use of the Internet.

Sharing Minutes

Fixed minutes can be used by several members of the family at the same time. You will not need to dial pin number any time to call anywhere, our system will distinguish your number automatically.


"My father and I call to ALTTECO phone number without using the Internet, their system distinguishes that this is a call from my father's or my phone and allows to call to Lebanon without any PIN code and the best part of it is that this opportunity is included in the home Internet package."

—  Adnan Shadid

What are advantages?




What's the pricing?


Calling to Armenia

  • 3 authorized persons

  • Armenia Landline & Mobiles

  • 30 minutes

Calling to Russia

  • 3 authorized persons

  • Russia Landline 60 minutes

  • Moscow & St. Petersbourg 100 minutes

  • Russia Mobiles 30 minutes

Calling to Iran

  • 3 authorized persons

  • Iran Landline & Mobiles

  • 35 minutes

Calling to Turkey

  • 3 authorized persons

  • Turkey Landline 120 minutes

  • Turkey Mobiles 30 minutes

Calling to Moldova

  • 3 authorized persons

  • Moldova Landline & Mobiles

  • 15 minutes

Calling to Ukraine

  • 3 authorized persons

  • Ukraine Landline & Mobiles 30 minutes 

Calling to Syria

  • 3 authorized persons

  • Syria Landline 20 minutes

  • Syria Mobiles 15 minutes

Calling to Belarus

  • 3 authorized persons

  • Belarus Landline & Mobiles

  • 15 minutes

Calling to Kazakhstan

  • 3 authorized persons

  • Kazakhstan Landline 60 minutes

  • Kazakhstan Mobiles 30 minutes

Calling to Lebanon

  • 3 authorized persons

  • Lebanon Landline 60 minutes

  • Lebanon Mobiles 30 minutes

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