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Business Phone Service

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we create a unique platform where business and residential customers can make effective optimization of their expenses and increase the quality of services by using the Internet

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Business Phone Service

Great opportunity to use just one cloud phone system for optimization of business. That will be neither costly nor technically complicated for regular users. With our help you will cut your phone costs by 70% on monthly basis enjoying trained and professional support of our professionals. That will be your perfect solution as it is rather quick to set up and easy to use.

Starting from:

$19.99 /per user

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Unlimited Internet

High speed unlimited Internet starting from $34.90 per month. By using well-known network equipment, we provide stability, wide network coverage, strength Wi-Fi signal that will help you enjoy watching online movies, internet TV, YouTube, audio and video instant messaging and so on.

Starting from:

$34.99 /monthly

Residential phone line with unlimited Canada calls, Residential phone line in Laval, Residential phone line in Montreal, unlimited call Canada, Ligne résidentielle, Ligne résidentielle Laval, Ligne résidentielle Montre

Residential Phone Line

Keep your phone number connected wherever you have an access to the Internet, regardless of your location. In our system you can see all the incoming calls Caller IDs without additional settings and additional fees. Take voicemails, send recorded voice message to your e-mail address.

Starting from:

$10 /monthly

Conference Mingling

Our skills

ALTTECO is a Canadian incorporation licensed to provide telecommunication services by CRTC. It has started its way in the international telecommunication market since 2011. Due to the contracts reached with more than 450 international operators ALTTECO now is able to provide the best prices for international calls, as well as the best price for building phone service to small and medium businesses. With the help of our powerful servers, we maintain stability and high quality for all our internet services. Our specialists participate in trainings in the best network academies in the world and proudly represent ALTTECO at the most prominent telecommunication conferences. We are proud to enjoy trust of our partners and subscribers.

over 500 new Internet customers every year

over 100 new business customers every year

over 7500 mobile app users

over 300 international partners

4+ Google review

Our work

Our clients


Using ALTTECO high quality and stable services will cut your costs by 50% on telecommunication means. You will no more face such common issues in our days as hidden fees and continuously changeable strange bills.

Cost saving


New technologies

Enjoy the freedom of being entrepreneur. Our small and medium business phone services provide our clients opportunity to get out of office walls. You will no longer spend a fortune to move in a new office with the whole bundle of communication services or pay for each visit of the operator’s technician only if you choose services provided by ALTTECO. With the help of our professional business voice menu you can get transferred business calls directly your mobile phones and you can afford to have branches in every part of the world without having to rent an office space or hire big staff.

New technologies, as well as IP phones, interactive voice menus, voice mails and faxes directly to your emails make it so easy and time-consuming management of your business. The employees will be able to efficiently manage the centralized telephone network, get already filtered calls, archive voice messaged and faxes received on their e-mail and make high quality international calls. All the mentioned services will make it possible fast growth of your business without huge investments.

Special Offers

In this section, you can find the bundle of our offers and use several of our services at the same time at even more reduced price. You will no longer have to use different services from different operators, get invoices different days of the month and in case of technical issues, you will not have to wait for many days so that the problem will be solved.

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