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  • Hii... Apple has authoritatively declared the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The new iPhone highlights design that is fundamentally the same as a year ago’s iPhone 6S (and the year earlier iPhone 6), with an adjusted aluminium body. The iPhone 7 release date is set for Friday September 16 in 28 countries including the US and UK, with iPhone 7 pre-orders already open. Thanks..! For More Details: 2d animation
  • Hii... iOS 11, though was a 'buzzword' in the market, left us with unwanted surprises. Now its update, iOS 11.1 Beta 1, has come into existence which is considered to be a fix. No considerable new features are being observed in this upgrade. Moreover, the update is massive enough to make you think twice about your Internet data. In such a scenario, should one install the update? Thanks..! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- case study examples
  • Not at your computer? It’s easy to manage your forum on your phone. Create, delete and rearrange posts, or share them on social media. Enable/disable your comments and more. You can also pin your favorite posts so more people will see them and they get more engagement within your forum’s community. Because Wix Forum is so mobile friendly, once your forum is set up, all you need is your phone.